Learning the Language of a Positive Person

Your words are POWERFUL. They can heal, cheer someone up, cause someone to smile, begin relationships, spread love, and inspire others. They can also tear down, cause someone to cry, make someone insecure, end dreams, and spread hate. Sometimes we forget how powerful our words can really be! Words are one of our ways of communicating with one another, so why aren’t we constantly speaking love and light to those around us? Did you know that by speaking positivity into the world that positivity will make it’s way back to you?? That’s the cool thing about the Universe, you get back what you put out there. If we knew that the same love and light we spoke would find it’s way back to us, why the heck are we not doing it!? Cause something that sounds so simple, is actually really hard.  It’s easy to get caught up in what others are saying around us. It’s easy to go along with everyone else’s opinions about a topic or person. It’s easy to complain and speak ugliness into the world cause there’s no expectations to let you down. What do I mean by this? We sometimes lower our expectations by saying “I’m going to fail my test,” or “I’m never getting that promotion,” even though we would really like to. We do this as a safety net in case the things we really want don’t happen. But doing this isn’t going to help the situation, it actually makes it worse. Don’t limit the universe on what it can give you by declaring things won’t/can’t happen. I tried giving up negative talk for lent a few years back. I failed within the first 5 minutes by saying “I don’t want to go to class.” It made me realize how much negative speech is ingrained into our lives and how much we say negative thoughts out loud that didn’t even have purpose. Starting today, notice how many times you say something that isn’t uplifting or positive. You’ll not only notice yourself, but you’ll notice how negative others can be too. We have the tool to unleash abundance and joy into our lives and others. When we speak positive, we have the opportunity to be a light and spread joy to those around us. Your words are powerful. Use that power to be a light to someone today. You’ll thank yourself later 🙂


Spreading light and love your way,




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