Why Pink

Growing up I was fearless. I was constantly putting myself in positions that could possibly lead to failure, but I didn’t care. I would try out for the lead in the play, try a sport I wasn’t very good at, tell the boy in class I had a crush on him- I did this all without ever second guessing it. This fearlessness led me to run for the class elections in the 3rd grade. I ended up wearing my special outfit for the day- a pink tank top, matching pink skirt, and pink converses to top it off. I thought I looked amazing. As the recess bell rang, I ran with confidence out to the playground. As all the kids played, I noticed the guy I had a huge crush on. I thought the world of him, he was a 4th GRADER, so mature, so cool, and so mysterious. As I walked up to talk to him, I was taken back by his expression on his face. He was laughing and pointing at me. With a twisted grin, he announced “You look like a fat pink jellybean.” My heart sank. The blood rushed to my face as tears started swelling in my eyes. Never had I felt rejection and cruelty like that before. At that moment in time, I started second guessing myself. Something so small, seemed so big to that little elementary school girl. That boy doesn’t even remember saying that to me but I do. I hated the color pink after that and swore to never wear it again if it made me look like a “fat pink jellybean.” One comment made me hate a color. It was imbedded in my subconscious. So that’s why I chose the color pink for my blog. To take back that power one comment on the playground took away. I chose the color pink to represent all the little girls who have ever had someone say something that crushed their world. I chose the color pink for everyone who has had to deal with a bully. And I chose the color pink for me.


pink jellybeans,


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I'm a 22 year old passionate about spreading positivity and building confidence. There's so much on the internet that causes us to feel insecure. So I wanted to create a safe and positive place for us to empower and encourage each other!

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