Blooming Beauty

External beauty is fleeting. Inner beauty lasts forever. We are visual beings; when we first meet someone we see their face not their soul. But what’s important is not how pretty you think their face is, it’s how pretty their soul is. When I’m in a room full of people, I’m drawn to the person who is radiating a light and happiness that is palpable. I’m drawn to their positive energy and glow. They carry themselves differently and respond back to those they are talking to in a way that is different from anyone else in the room. You can see the genuine compassion in their eyes. They are quietly unaware of their effect. When I see a girl who lacks no confidence in their external beauty but is talking badly about someone, or doesn’t treat people with love and respect, it makes me look at them differently. It causes this beautiful girl to not seem so beautiful anymore and she’s done nothing to her appearance. This is because beauty is not an external entity at all, beauty is a concept that deals with what is within. A truly beautiful individual, at their base, is a beautiful soul. And when I find someone to be beautiful, it is because their soul shines out so brightly you can see it from a mile away. Everyone has the potential to be the most beautiful person in the room, but it has to come from your character. Our character is defined by how we treat others and ourselves, how we react in situations, how we speak, and how we carry ourselves. The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty within others, not on the outside of others. I’ve been witness to this type of person: the type of person who pays no mind to whether or not they have a few breakouts on their face or extra inches around their waist. They don’t see the truth behind our societal definition of what someone should or shouldn’t look like externally in order to be considered “beautiful.” They diffuse this warm, genuine sense of confidence and selflessness that makes you want to be more like them. They see the best in people. They aren’t quick to judge.  The people who I find most beautiful are the ones who still love even though they’ve been hurt, the ones who uplift and encourage others, stand firm in what they believe but are open to hear other’s thoughts and beliefs, and who practice kindness every day.  You look more beautiful when you are happy and joy is leaking out of you. When you break out into an ear to ear smile and laugh, you look your most beautiful.  Remember this- if you are struggling with feeling beautiful, instead of looking outward, look inward.


Keep Shining,


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