10 Simple Self-Love Habits

We tend to think we are too busy to practice self-love every single day. But it’s actually so easy to incorporate these simple habits that will make you feel grounded and complete. Start today working on the beautiful practice of self-love.

  1. Wake up with purpose: Every morning, get up with a plan. Before our feet even touch the ground, we should envision on how we want the day to go. The time it takes to get ready in the morning is different for everyone. So, setting our alarms to a time that doesn’t make us feel rushed, gives us enough time to feel equipped for our day. There is confidence attached to saying, “I am prepared.” Let’s start our days off by feeling centered and open to all that good that is to come.
  2. Break a sweat, physically or mentally: Being active is important to getting those feel good endorphins, but sometimes our schedule’s do not allow for long exercise sessions. Luckily, a fifteen- minute bout of exercise will do the trick! Furthermore, working out our mind is important, too. We can read a book or article on our morning commute on the bus, listen to a podcast on our lunch break, or talk with a mentor. We should do something every day that challenges us and makes us learn.
  3. Speak positively: Our words bring back what we project into the world. We should be talking to ourselves with love and encouragement. Affirmations are a huge help. Simply saying, “I have so much to look forward to today” causes a shift in our energy and a change in our mindset. Start speaking affirmations during our day to bring ourselves into alignment with being open to giving and receiving love.
  4. Surround yourself with uplifting people: It can be challenging when we are surrounded by draining individuals in an environment that is out of our control. We can turn this around because we have the right and power to choose who is in our personal life. Choose the people who are uplifting and give you LIFE. These are the type of influences who make us feel like we’ve been at the spa all day – refreshed and revived. Find a community who pours back into you.
  5. Eat mindfully: Eat because you love yourself. Give our bodies what they need, but don’t forget that our sanity might need some nourishing, too. Balance is key. We all know how sluggish we feel when we eat all the cakes, pizzas, sweets, and fries. Fill our bodies with the nutrients they want so they feel energized. Don’t forget to practice moderation with a special treat.
  6. Learn to say no: When we say ‘yes’ to everything, we feel overcommitted and overwhelmed. We aren’t putting our full effort or potential into what we are saying ‘yes’ to. Setting healthy boundaries enables us to feel assured when we do agree to do something, because we know our best efforts will be executed. Say ‘no’ more, so we can say ‘yes’ with confidence.
  7. Do something you love: This is SUPER important! When we do the things we love, our souls shine. Whether it’s cooking for our significant other, taking the scenic route, or working on our car- if you love it, do it. To make this a little easier, try making a list of all the things you love and rotating through it.
  8. Drink water: This is something that is so simple that will make a huge difference. Drinking enough water helps flush out toxins and gives us a glowy complexion. So, let’s treat ourselves into buying a colorful, vibrant water bottle that makes us smile. Continue to refill it throughout the day, we’ll feel amazing when we do.
  9. Make sleep a priority: Ahhh sleep- the one thing we crave but never get enough of. We tend to think we don’t have enough time for sleep. But if we don’t get enough, we aren’t efficient and effective during our day. Our bodies need rest in order to function at its highest capacity. We need to listen to our bodies when it tells us it needs sleep. We’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed to start our day!
  10. Go to bed thankful: Every night we lay our heads on our pillows, we shouldn’t reach for our phones to scroll through social media. Instead, go through a list of everything we are thankful for. Remind ourselves of all the things that make our hearts flutter. Like babies’ laughter, cozy days inside while it rains, or thank you cards that make us smile. There’s a million things to be thankful for. We should count our blessings as we doze off into blissful sleep.


I hope you give yourself an abundance of love,



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