50 Things to be Thankful For

Being thankful is a beautiful awareness of the blessings the universe has given you. It’s easy to think of big things like family, friends, roof over your head to be thankful for. But it’s the little things that add up into one big, grateful life. I’ve put together a list of 50 things you can be thankful for. Maybe there’s only one on this list that you can agree with, but one is better than none. There are obviously so many more things to be grateful for than just this list BUT maybe there’s a thing or two on here that you didn’t think about before- and I hope that makes you smile.

  1. When people let you cut in front of them in traffic
  2. Rainy days that allow you to cuddle up on the couch and be lazy
  3. Good smelling candles
  4. Umbrellas
  5. Not crowded coffee shops
  6. Clean water
  7. Deep conversations with strangers
  8. Extra long phone chargers
  9. Uber drivers
  10. Nice guys who walk you home from bars
  11. Sunscreen
  12. Warm towels right out of the dryer
  13. When you can breathe out of your nose after you’ve been sick
  14. Christmas lights
  15. Having a good cry in the shower
  16. Fresh flowers
  17. People whose smile makes you smile
  18. Summer nights on porch swings
  19. Washing your hands
  20. Drunken conversations in the girl’s bathroom that hype you up
  21. When you realize how lucky you are to have a friend
  22. Intentional gifts
  23. Under eye counselor
  24. When an animal snuggles with you
  25. Baby noises & laughs
  26. Long car rides with a good playlist
  27. When someone randomly compliments you when you’re feeling down
  28. Hugging someone you haven’t seen in awhile
  29. Naps after a day in the sun
  30. The butterflies you get when you have a new crush
  31. When all your laundry is finished, folded, and put away
  32. Comfy sweaters when you’re sick
  33. Finding a close spot in a packed parking lot
  34. Remembering where something is after you’ve lost it
  35. Sunglasses while driving
  36. When the person in front of you in Starbucks buys your coffee
  37. Free shipping on packages
  38. Feeling of cold sand on your feet while you walk on the beach in the evening
  39. Lying in bed with clean sheets and shaved legs
  40. Rubbing your eyes with no makeup on
  41. Band-Aids
  42. Being able to use google maps to get you one place to another
  43. Connecting with a friend on Facebook that you haven’t seen in years
  44. Free Wi-Fi
  45. Being able to call someone and knowing they will pick up
  46. Experiencing the joy of watching a baby take their first steps
  47. Having access to medicine when you’re sick
  48. Fuzzy slippers on cold mornings
  49. Taking photos to capture memories
  50. Breath in your lungs- meaning you still have purpose to live out in this lifetime

I hope this sparks your thankful spirit and reminds you to not take the little things for granted. I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for in the comments below.


Baby laughs & Fuzzy slippers,



One thought on “50 Things to be Thankful For

  1. Wow this is awesome. I think this list just about covered every square inch of the small things in life that make it great. Love you!


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