Sense of Soul

To love one’s self, is to love one’s soul.  Our souls are love in its purest form. If we could comprehend the magnitude of that, we’d fall head over heels in love with ourselves. If we could see the expansiveness of our souls, we’d feel powerful and self- assured. We wouldn’t second guess our adequacy when doing the thing we know to be our purpose in life.

Our souls chose our vessels- aka our bodies. Each one of our bodies has purpose behind the design and makeup of it. We are supposed to have that crook in our nose, fullness in our hips, or freckles plastered across our face for a reason. We look the way we look to carry out our life’s purpose. Maybe we have curves to show little girls all body types are beautiful. Maybe we have broad, strong shoulders to help us propel through the water to be a world champion swimmer. Maybe our soulmate is attracted to someone who looks just like us. Loving our bodies is agreeing with our souls. It is proclaiming “YES.” It is us being open to receiving all the adventures, love, abundance, and magnificence this universe has planned for us. We place limits on ourselves by harboring self-hate towards our bodies. I absolutely love the quote, “Mother Teresa didn’t walk around complaining about her thighs. She had sh!t to do.”

And sweetheart, so do you. When we free ourselves to accept the way we look, we can then shift our attention and focus to matters more crucial.

This one body, this one life, was given to you- use it to fulfill its mission to the fullest capacity.

Our time here on earth takes place within the blink of an eye. But all those blinks have purpose. All those blinks together create a vision. Let your soul shine by aligning with truth and love. Once we love ourselves and understand our potential, we can start helping one another to see their inner power too. It’s this beautiful cycle effect of building someone up so they can go out into the world and do the same. Start with yourself. Do some soul searching. Become aware of the essence of “you.”

I hope you see your soul,


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