A Love Letter to Every Little Girl

Little Dream Weaver,
Little Star Gazer,
I hope you paint the world with your spirit.
I hope you hold fast to the craft of wonder.
I hope you become a harbinger of light and love.

Little Rebel Dancer,
Little Storm Chaser,
I hope you stick to the beat of your own life’s purpose.
I hope you dance alongside your angels in harmony.
I hope your soul is soaked in wisdom.

Little Demure Blusher,
Little Soul Mender,
I hope your eyes are sparked with wanderlust.
I hope you are lavished with kindness from strangers.
I hope you mature with grace.

Little Light Worker,
Little Ground Breaker,
I hope your roots stand strong when the winds of fear start to blow.
I hope you practice self love and acceptance.
I hope you cultivate creative habits within you.

Little Life Giver,
Little Rumble Maker,
I hope you heighten your awareness of cultures that differ from you.
I hope your laughs are plenty and your tears are few.
I hope you are open to giving and receiving love.

Little Love Breather,
Little Secret Keeper,
I hope your feet stand firm in the moments of doubt.
I hope you react to situations with a level mind and an open heart.
I hope you sing a song that sparks a splendor.

Little World Healer,
Little Blessing Receiver,
I hope your kindness has a ripple effect to every little dancer around you.
I hope you create secure and lasting connections.
I hope you manifest every hope and dream your little heart desires.


with love tiny dancers,



Download the PDF below:

a love letter to every little girl (2)

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